Vitamin A deficiency

Vitamin A is found in many products of animal origin (butter, egg yolk, fish liver), vegetable products contain carotene (provitamin A). Vitamin A is fat soluble. The daily requirement for an adult is 1.5 mg (5000 IU).

Symptoms and course of vitamin A deficiency. First of all, the organs of vision change: night or “chicken” blindness is characteristic due to degenerative changes in the retina and optic nerves, dryness of the conjunctiva occurs, transparent plaques form on it, and the cornea ulcerates. There are dystrophic changes in the skin, mucous and skin glands: dryness, peeling and pallor of the skin, atrophy of the sweat and sebaceous glands, a tendency to pustular diseases. Possible infectious lesions of the respiratory system, urination, digestion, general malaise, weakness, in babies – growth and developmental delay, disorders of the nervous system.

Recognition is carried out on the basis of anamnesis and clinical picture; in a biochemical study of blood serum, the level of vitamin A drops below 100 μg / l, carotene – below 200 μg / l.

Treatment of vitamin A deficiency . Complete nutrition with the inclusion of foods rich in retinol and carotene: meat, dairy foods, carrots, tomatoes, apricots. It is possible to prescribe retinol in a daily dose to an adult from 10,000 to 100,000 IU / day for 2-4 weeks. Large doses and uncontrolled treatment can cause hypervitaminosis A.

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