Beli – excessive and unusual discharge from the genitals of a woman (watery, milky white, yellow-green, sanious, having an unpleasant odor, etc.)

Causes of whiter

The reasons for the release of leucorrhea can be both all kinds of inflammatory processes, and tumors of all possible localization.

The admixture of pus traditionally indicates an inflammatory process, blood indicates the development of a malignant tumor. Patients complain of moisture in the vulva and a feeling of itching. The diagnosis is reduced to establishing the cause of pathological secretion.

Varieties of whites

Depending on the location of the diseases that cause pathological secretions, whites are divided into:

  • vaginal
  • cervical
  • uterine
  • pipe
  • vestibular

Whiter treatment

Treatment of the underlying disease that caused whiter.

Prevention of white spots

Prevention of leucorrhoea consists in maintaining personal hygiene, conducting preventive examinations for the purpose of early detection of diseases of the reproductive system, and timely treatment of common diseases.

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