Panadolextra (Panadol extra)

Name:Panadol extra (Panadolextra)

Indications for use:
Headache, migraine, pain in the bones of the skeleton and muscles, neuralgia (pain that spreads along the nerve), toothache, flu, colds, high body temperature.

Pharmacological action:
Combined product, the action of which is due to the properties of its constituent components. It has an analgesic (pain reliever), antipyretic and slight anti-inflammatory effect.

Panadolextra (Panadol extra) method of administration and doses:
Adults are prescribed 2 tablets 4 times every day with an interval of at least 4 hours. The maximum daily dose is 8 tablets.
Excessive intake of coffee or tea at the same time as the product may cause overdose symptoms.

Panadolextra (Panadol extra) contraindications:
The drug is not prescribed for children under 12 years of age.

Panadolextra (Panadol extra) side effects:
Allergic reactions in the form of skin rash, angioedema, urticaria.

Release form:
Tablets containing 0.5 g of paracetamol and 0.065 g of caffeine.


Storage conditions:
List B. In a dry place.

Before using the medication“Panadolextra (Panadol extra)” should be consulted with a doctor.
The instructions are provided solely for familiarization with “Panadolextra (Panadol extra) ».

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