Fali-Lepsin (Falilepsin)

Name:Falylepsin (Fali-Lepsin)

Indications for use:
Various forms of epilepsy.

Pharmacological action:
Due to the properties of its constituent components. The inclusion of pseudonorephedrine in its composition, which has a moderate stimulating effect on the central nervous system, somewhat reduces the inhibitory effect (drowsiness, decreased performance) of phenobarbital.

Fali-Lepsin (Falilepsin) method of administration and doses:
Adults and children over 12 years old, starting with 1/2 tablet (50 mg) every day, gradually increasing the dose to 0.3-0.45 g (in 3 divided doses).

Storage conditions:
List B. In a place protected from light.

Release form:
Tablets of 0.1 g, in a pack of 100 pcs.

Combination product containing phenobarbital and pseudonorephedrine.

Before using the medication“Fali-Lepsin (Falilepsin)” should be consulted with a doctor.
The instructions are provided solely for familiarization with “Fali-Lepsin (Falilepsin) “.

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