Medium shaker (Briza media L.)

The medium shaker is a perennial herbaceous plant representing the Cereal family (Gramineae). Other names: breeze


Herbaceous perennial plant with a stem – straw up to 80 cm in height, with narrow, flat leaves. The inflorescence is slightly within the bounds, in a more or less spreading panicle with longish thin branches. Spikelets are many-flowered, rounded, laterally compressed, colored, on thin, winding, drooping legs. Blooms in June. There is a shaker in meadows, glades and edges.

Medicinal use:

An aqueous decoction of the herb is drunk for heart diseases (heart weakness, pain in the heart), for diseases of the nervous system; small babies are bathed in a decoction when frightened; fumigate herbs with smoke; drink a decoction for pulmonary tuberculosis, diseases of the kidneys and bladder, colds, malaria, as a diuretic, inflammation of the ovaries, diathesis, childhood eczema, urinary incontinence, and swelling of the legs.

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