krip; the homeland of the Selerovikhs (Ariaceae), or the Umbelliferae; fennel


Inkoli tsyu roslina with a crop smell can be bought on the market to replace the crop. It’s true, the deakers of sumniv blame: leafing troch is coarser, that smell is not spicy, with a light anise smell.

Tse fennel is splendid, sing dvorіchna, naked, siva roslin. Its stem is upright, curls up to 200 cm, rounded, finely ribbed. Leaves are pikhvovі, lower ones are petiolate, bugatoras pinnate on vuzkolіnіyni parts, yak in kropovih. The upper leaves are sessile. The vouchers are correct, yellow, double-sided, five-sided, folded at the folding umbrellas, which are ruffled on the tops of the stem and stems. Blossom at linden-sickle. Plid – dvosіm’yanka, matures at the faith. Fennel is a native of the Mediterranean and Western Asia, thermophilic. In Russia, yoga is cultivated in the Krasnodar Territory, shards of pivnichniche wines look bad. In Ukraine, fennel grows throughout the entire territory as a medicinal, ethereal and spicy-smoky dew.

For the preparation of liqueurs, fennel fruits are harvested. The above-ground part is mowed down at the stage of uneven ripening (the rosemary has a greenish-brown color, and the umbrellas are gray-coloured), tied at the sheaves, dried, then threshed and cleansed in the middle. The syrovina is taken from the cold, dry application by stretching three times. The fruits of fennel, oliya, how to take from them, that “crop water” is for sale in specialized pharmacies.

The fruits contain efirna oliya (4-6%), to the warehouse it includes 60% anethole, 10-12% fenchone, pinene, camphene, anise aldehyde and other slugs. Cream of essential oil, fruits of white speech, fatty oil (up to 18%), coumarin umbeliferon, flavonoids and other speech.

Preparations of fennel have an antispasmodic and antiphlogistic effect, increase the secretory activity of herbal diseases, adhering to etching, and have a weak sechogenic and expectorant effect. They are prescribed for diseases of the intestinal tract, which are accompanied by spasms, flatulence, pain in the intestines (spastic colitis and intestinal colic). Especially effective is “crop water” for children. Fennel should also be used for zhovno-and sechokam’yanіy ailments, bronchitis and cough, small menstruation and state infantilism. Internal stagnation of infusions of fruits in the case of mycoses (fungal infections of the skin). The fruit of the roslin enters the storehouse of rich, fresh, carrying teas and calm gatherings.

Add fresh fennel leaves to salads, ribs and meat herbs when stewing. Fennel sauce is even better for cold ribi. Put fruits in spicy soup, marinade and different salt. Most widely tsyu roslina zastosovuyt in French and Italian cuisines.

Nasty fruits. 2 tablespoons of syrovin for 200 ml of okrop. Insist until chilled, proceed. Take 1/3 bottle 3-4 times a day before meals.

Fencheleva Oliya. 2-3 drops for children, 5-10 drops we will grow into a little zucru. When coughing.

“Crop water”. 1 teaspoon for children and 1 tablespoon will grow up 3-6 times a day. Vitroginny zasib.

Nastіy fruits (zvonіshnє). 2 tablespoons of syrovin for 200 ml of okrop. Insist until chilled, proceed. Wash the wounds of the body with mycoses 2 times a day.

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