turpentine tree

Grows on the Mediterranean coast. Resin is extracted from it by cutting (similar to how birch sap is extracted), containing 12-14% essential oil, from which turpentine is produced.

In scientific medicine, turpentine is used quite widely, mainly as an external rubbing agent for neuralgia, rheumatism, and also for inhalation in bronchitis and other lung diseases.

In folk medicine, turpentine is used for respiratory diseases and rheumatism. Radiculitis is cured according to the method of paramedic Lavrov. The patient is given a compress of sour rye dough and wrapped tightly. After an hour, the compress is removed, and the sore spot is rubbed with turpentine. Enough 3 such sessions, 1 time every day. In addition, people recommend periodically using turpentine inside for alcoholism: they start with 5 drops, gradually reach 30, and then gradually reduce this number. Application

For inhalation: 10-15 drops of turpentine in a glass of hot water.

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