Skumpia coggigria (wig tree)

Name: Scumpiia coggigria (wig tree)



Shrub, reaching a height of 2 m, with basal gray-blue and stem yellow-green, round or oval, pointed at the top, bare leaves. The flowers are small, greenish-white, collected in spreading panicles; pedicels covered with longish hairs, calyx and corolla five-leaved, 5 stamens located between petals; the fruit is a dry drupe, obovate, dark brown, single-seeded. Blooms in May-June.

Distributed in dry and rocky places, among shrubs and light oak forests. Found in warmer parts of the country.

Leaves are medicinal raw materials. The raw material contains within 20% of gallotannins.

Skumpia has an astringent, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic effect. It is used almost exclusively externally for skin diseases, wounds, abscesses, swelling of the legs due to frostbite, for sweating of the legs, hemorrhoids, for douching the vagina with whites in women, for festering wounds, boils, for rinsing with toothache and inflamed gums.



A decoction of 100 g of crushed leaves per 1 liter of water; used for compresses, poultices and douching in the above diseases.

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