Celery fragrant

A biennial plant that is commonly grown in vegetable gardens as a spicy vegetable used in cooking.

There are 3 varieties of celery: root, petiole and lettuce. In Russia, root and lettuce varieties are bred.

Medicinal raw materials are roots and grass.

In folk medicine, the root is recommended as an antiscorbutic, analgesic, antimalarial, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and appetite stimulant (as an anti-inflammatory agent for inflammation of the respiratory tract and nasopharynx). Celery root is used for kidney diseases (nephritis, nephritis), prostate inflammation, gout, urticaria, dermatitis, lack of appetite, poor digestion and impotence, for the treatment and prevention of obesity. Outwardly, celery is used for tumors of an inflammatory and non-inflammatory nature, as well as bruises as an emollient, anti-inflammatory and analgesic.


Juice obtained from fresh chopped root by squeezing: -2 teaspoons are drunk 2-3 times every day half an hour before meals.

Infusion: 8-10 g of chopped fruit insist on a glass of cold water for 2 hours; drink infusion for 1 day, or 34 g of root per 1 liter of water, leave for 8 hours; 1-2 teaspoons 3 times daily.

Lotion: half a glass of juice (or cake from crushed fresh celery leaves with juice) mixed with half a glass of vinegar and half a teaspoon of salt; mix all this and apply a cloth soaked in liquid, often changing, to sore (inflamed) places.

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