Stonecrop great – stonecrop large

A perennial herbaceous plant of the broad-leaved family. It has spindle-shaped roots that gradually turn into a thin tip. Stems are all flowering, erect, branched at the top, 40-80 cm tall. The leaves are simple, opposite, sessile, fleshy, flat, elongated-elliptic, not stem-wrapping, 5-13 cm long, 2-5 cm wide, dark green, not ciliated at the edges, vaguely notched. The flowers are bisexual, regular, 5-petalled, in dense corymbose-hairy inflorescences; petals 3-4 mm long, three times longer than the calyx, whitish-pink, dotted, truncate in the upper part; anthers are yellow. The fruit is a collective leaf. Blooms in July.

Distribution . Ochitok big grows in forests and among shrubs scattered in Polissia and in the Forest Steppe, mainly west of the Dnieper.

Raw material . For medicinal purposes, fresh or dry grass or leaves are used, which are harvested during the flowering of the plant. Dry in the open air. Pharmacies do not release raw materials.

Chemical composition . The herb contains flavone glycosides, traces of alkaloids, organic acids (citric, oxalic, malic), vitamin C, sugars, mucus and mineral salts.

Pharmacological properties and use . The product Biosedum (Biossedum) is produced from the large stonecrop, which by its pharmacological action belongs to the biogenic stimulants. It is used as an auxiliary means that stimulates the processes of exchange and tissue regeneration in ophthalmology, therapy, surgery and stomatology. The use of biosed is contraindicated in malignant tumors, gastritis and peptic ulcer disease, which are accompanied by achillea. In young children, the product causes local allergic reactions. In folk medicine, large stone is used for uterine bleeding and as a tonic. Fresh crushed leaves are applied to calluses, burns and purulent wounds. Poultices of fresh or dry, steamed grass relieve joint pain in rheumatism and colds.

Medicinal forms and applications . Internally – infusion of fresh leaves (1 tablespoon of raw material per 200 ml of boiling water, infuse for 4 hours, strain) 1-2 tablespoons 3-4 times a day.

Externally – 3 tablespoons of fresh or dry grass are wrapped in gauze, immersed in boiling water and used for pain-relieving poultices.

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