Skewer tiled

Tiled skewers (Gladiolus imbricatus L.)

The skewer is a perennial herbaceous plant from the Kasatikovye family (Iridaceae). Other names: chicken, field garlic, kulchiber, zrudnik, red cockerels


Herbaceous perennial with a small spherical corm, from which comes a straight aerial stem 40-70 cm in height with several slightly deviated, flat, linear-lanceolate leaves 5-15 mm wide. The inflorescence is a one-sided apical spike of large irregular, almost two-lipped, purple-violet flowers. Blossoms in June-July. Fennel grows in forests in more humid places, in wet, non-flooded meadows, among shrubs.

Medicinal use:

Smoke, when burning a skewer, they fumigate babies when they are frightened; alcohol tincture rubbed with rheumatism, tumors.

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