Name: Jute Jute – Corchorus olitorius L.     Homeland – India. It grows wild in Vietnam. It has long been cultivated for fiber in India, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Egypt, America, the USSR.   Large (2-3 m tall) herbaceous plant, annual in cultivation. The leaves are broadly lanceolate, serrate, up to 12 cm long, with two tail-shaped lobes at […]

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Herbaceous plant 60-100 cm tall. Roots adventitious, fibrous. The stem is a straw, erect, hollow, with swollen dense knots. The leaves are alternate, linear, with long sheaths covering the internodes. The flowers are bisexual, small, covered with scales, collected in spikelets on long peduncles, arranged in a spreading panicle. Blooms in June-July. The fruit is a grain. Medicinal raw materials are

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