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Forest apple tree – forest apple tree

apple tree, wild apple tree, wild apple tree; the Rose family (Rosaceae); forest apple tree   Our state has long been famous for excellent varieties of apples. Back in the 17th century, foreigners traveling through its territory noted that the apples here are extremely tasty, beautiful and transparent. Unfortunately, many of those varieties have now been lost: orchards were […]

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garden apple tree

Well-known large-branched garden tree within 10 m tall. Medicinal raw materials are fruits. Undeservedly forgotten medicinal plant in the literature on herbal medicine. The chemical composition of the fruits is almost the same as that of the forest apple tree, the difference in sucrose, which is greater in the garden apple tree, there is a lot

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forest apple tree

Tree up to 10 m tall. The root is steep, deeply penetrating into the ground, strongly branched. The trunk has a gray bark, the younger branches are brown, the youngest ones are herbaceous, gray tomentose. The leaves are simple, alternate, long-petiolate, ovate or broadly elliptical, glabrous, gray tomentose below. The flowers are quite large, regular, on long stalks, collected

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