garden apple tree

Well-known large-branched garden tree within 10 m tall.

Medicinal raw materials are fruits. Undeservedly forgotten medicinal plant in the literature on herbal medicine.

The chemical composition of the fruits is almost the same as that of the forest apple tree, the difference in sucrose, which is greater in the garden apple tree, there is a lot of potassium, carbohydrates, and calcium in the fruits of the garden apple tree. One of the explanations for the universality of the use of apples, juice or vinegar from them as a medicine in folk medicine is their ability to bind with potassium such mineral elements as phosphorus, chlorine, sodium, magnesium, calcium, sulfur, iron, fluorine, silicon and a number of trace elements. .

A famous proverb says: “Eat an apple every day and you won’t need to call a doctor.” Its true essence is that apples have healing properties for the human body. Therapy methods based on the use of apple juice or apple cider vinegar are equally effective, since each of these products is a source of valuable minerals.

Due to the fact that the fruit is a perishable product, and the juice has a limited shelf life, we will pay attention to the preparation and use of apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar contains all the mineral elements listed earlier that are part of the apple.

How to make apple cider vinegar. The apples are washed, rotten or wormy parts are removed, then they are crushed or rubbed on a coarse grater, both the core and the peel are used. This raw apple gruel is placed in a suitable vessel. Top up with tepid, pre-boiled water (0.5 l of water per 0.4 kg of apple gruel). For each liter of water, 100 g of honey or sugar are added, also (to accelerate acetic acid fermentation) 10 g of bread yeast and 20 g of dry black bread.

The vessel with this mixture is kept open at a temperature of 20-30°C.

Acetic acid fermentation is facilitated by a liquid with a low alcohol content (less than 20% sugary substances), a constant temperature and as large a contact surface with air as possible (aerobic fermentation).

The vessel must be made of glass (a jar), wood (a barrel without a lid) or enameled clay.

The vessel must be stored in the dark, because the sun’s ultraviolet rays prevent fermentation.

To carry out the first stage of fermentation, the vessel is kept warm for 10 days, stirring the apple gruel 2-3 times every day with a wooden spoon, then transferred to a gauze bag and squeezed.

The resulting juice is again filtered through gauze, the weight is determined and poured into a vessel with a wide neck.

You can add 50-100 g of honey or sugar to each liter of juice, stirring until completely homogenized.

To carry out the second stage of fermentation, the jar is closed with gauze, tied and kept warm in order to continue fermentation. Fermentation is over when the liquid has calmed down and cleared up.

Depending on the appropriate juice preparation, temperature, etc., apple cider vinegar will be ready in 40-60 days. Then it is poured into bottles with a hose, filtered with a watering can with gauze.

The bottles are tightly stoppered, corked with wax and stored in a dark, cool place.

Apple cider vinegar is pleasant to consume as a seasoning for salads and other dishes, meeting the needs of the human body for an acidic food supplement. According to the direction of physician S. Jarvis, apple cider vinegar can be used as a dietary food product and as a therapeutic agent for all kinds of diseases.

Application of apple cider vinegar

in the treatment of certain diseases

Traditional medicine offers a very simple recipe for meeting the body’s mineral needs: 2 teaspoons of honey and 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water 1 or more times each day depending on the mental and physical load. The mixture tastes like apple cider. Vinegar contains the entire set of mineral elements that make up the apple; in honey are mineral elements contained in the nectar of flowers. Instead of sugar, honey can be added to tea. It is useful for both healthy and sick people to eat black bread, oatmeal or corn grits instead of wheat bread and cereals, and also take apple cider vinegar with honey as a tonic for the body.

Two teaspoons of vinegar in a glass of water, taken before meals in case of suspected poor-quality food (stale fish, etc.), to prevent vomiting, diarrhea (probably this mixture is associated with disinfection of the digestive tract). Sometimes with food poisoning with vomiting, the stomach may not take a large amount of the mixture. But if you drink it in small sips after 5 minutes, the mixture will be absorbed by the stomach (1 teaspoon after 5 minutes), it will take 4 hours to take a glass, after which you can increase the dose to 0.5 cup 2-3 times every day with food poisoning (for example, fish).

The dosage is purely individual. If for some reason the body does not accept apple cider vinegar (for example, a hyperacid condition – gastritis, ulcers, etc.), then you can try to drink apple juice to provide the body with valuable substances contained in apples and have healing properties.

With inflammation of the kidneys (pyelitis), pus cells are present in the urine; the condition is traditionally improved by consuming a mixture of 2 teaspoons of vinegar in a glass of water.

With pyelitis, sometimes with chills, high fever and pain in the region of the left kidney, it will be necessary to take vinegar – the clinical picture improves.

With obesity. If a woman wearing a tight dress takes 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water after each meal, after 2 months she will find that her dress has become looser at the waist. After another 2 months, she will lose weight by the same amount. A year later, the woman who had the 50th size will wear the 42nd, and the one who had the 20th size will wear the 18th, and so on. The weight is reduced gradually. If a man has a tummy, he can get rid of it with this method of treatment after 2 years. Apple cider vinegar helps reduce body fat, thereby reducing its deposition, and weight loss. The method based on the use of apple cider vinegar is extremely simple and very effective. With every day of its consumption, it is advisable to take one dose at breakfast, the second – at night,

Chronic fatigue (weakness). Traditional medicine does not know a better remedy than a cup of honey with the addition of 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar. The jar can be kept in the bedroom by taking 2 teaspoons of the mixture before bed. After 30 min. After you get into bed, you will fall asleep. But if this does not happen, take 2 more teaspoons of the mixture. In cases of extreme weakness, you may need to take a few spoonfuls and if you wake up at night and feel that you can no longer sleep, take more. Such a remedy is much better than traditional sleeping pills, because this method is based on satisfying the natural needs of the body, especially since honey is harmless. Honey is already a good sleeping pill on its own, but when combined with apple cider vinegar, it is more effective.

If in the morning when you wake up you feel lethargic (lack of proper rest), it is useful to rub your hands and the whole body with diluted apple cider vinegar, 2 teaspoons of vinegar in a glass of water. First rub this solution on one arm and shoulder, then the other arm and shoulder, chest, abdomen, thighs, shins, and finally the feet. A towel is not required. Instead, it is necessary to rub the surface of the skin well with both hands until the solution is completely absorbed, and it is absorbed very quickly. Instead of rubbing, a bath can be used, but instead of soap, add vinegar to the water and sit massaging the body parts for at least 15 minutes in the water so that the skin can absorb some of the water. Try not to use soap, rinse your skin with an aqueous solution of apple cider vinegar.

With chronic fatigue, it will be necessary to choose the composition of food and its regimen. Useful cereals of oats, corn, black bread, walnuts, hazelnuts and more. others, but with honey and apple cider vinegar.

High blood pressure (hypertension). Traditional medicine recommends increasing every day the intake of acid in organic form, for example, in the form of apples, grapes, cranberries or their juices.

A prerequisite for dizziness is an alkaline reaction of urine. When the reaction changes to acid, dizziness is reduced or disappears altogether. In order to prevent dizziness, apple cider vinegar treatment is used, the dosage and period of administration of which are similar to those used to treat other ailments. Treatment with vinegar will be quite long, although relief will be noticeable much earlier, but you will need to take vinegar regularly. By the end of the month of active treatment, the results will be excellent.

Angina (tonsillitis). The most common remedy in folk medicine for treating sore throats is gargling with apple cider vinegar. The solution consists of 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water. It is recommended to rinse every hour; with all this, they take a full mouth of the solution, rinse their mouth and swallow the solution. When swallowed, the solution washes the back wall of the throat, which does not reach when rinsing. As the pain in the throat decreases, the interval between rinses can be increased up to 2 hours. In this way, you can cure streptococcal tonsillitis in 24 hours. As a rule, the patient’s symptoms of the disease disappeared fairly quickly. If there was plaque on the tonsils, it disappeared after 12 hours.

Arthritis. If all the joints of the body (nape, back of the neck, legs, etc.) are affected, the patient takes 10 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar per glass of water for each meal. On the 1st day after he started drinking apple cider vinegar, his lameness decreased by 20%, on the 2nd day he felt even better. On the 4th day, he noted a 50% improvement, and by the end of the month – 75%. The pain in all joints decreased as the lameness disappeared and eventually stopped, as did the pain in the occiput and back of the neck.

Shingles. Apply undiluted vinegar to the affected area, pouring directly from the bottle, 4 times each day and 3 times at night (if the patient wakes up). After a few minutes. after applying vinegar, itching and burning sensation disappear. With this treatment, lichen heals quickly.

Ringworm (trichophytosis) is a fungal disease of the skin, hair and nails. The method of treatment is to apply undiluted apple cider vinegar to the affected areas 6 times every day from morning to evening (before going to bed). Apple cider vinegar is an excellent antiseptic.

Skin rash (impetigo). Undoubtedly, impetigo is the most contagious disease in the world. It is transmitted through the hands with one touch or through a towel.

Impetigo is a staphylococcal or streptococcal skin infection. A person is susceptible to this disease at any age, but children are especially predisposed to it. If a person who has this disease touches the diseased skin with his hands, he will constantly become infected. With careful handling of the affected areas of the skin, impetigo can be eliminated in 2 weeks. The finger is dipped in undiluted apple cider vinegar and applied to the lesions on the skin 6 times every day, from morning to evening. In this case, impetigo disappears after 2-4 days.

Night sweats. Night sweats can be prevented by rubbing apple cider vinegar on the surface of the skin before going to bed.

Burns. Treatment of the burned plane of the skin with undiluted vinegar relieves burning pain and soreness.

In order to narrow varicose veins, apple cider vinegar is poured from a bottle and rubbed into the area of ​​varicose veins. Along with rubbing twice every day, drink 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water.

Liquid ointment (rubbing) to reduce lameness. Whisk the yolk of an egg with 1 teaspoon of turpentine oil (turpentine) and 1 tbsp. a spoonful of apple cider vinegar. Rub this mixture thoroughly into the surface of the skin.

And lastly: if for some reason the body does not accept apple cider vinegar, you can try to take apple juice.

In scientific medicine, the fruits are used as a dietary and tonic for digestive disorders, beriberi, malaria.

Preparations: tincture of malic iron, administered orally in powders.

The fruits of the wild apple tree are used for compotes (dip sliced ​​apples in salted water before drying so that they do not turn black), for the manufacture of marmalade, jelly, pie filling, kvass, apple wine – cider (it is popularly used as a mild laxative).

The leaves are suggested to be used as a source of vitamin C. Pour the crushed leaves with 4 times the volume of boiling water and boil for 10-15 minutes, cool slightly and strain. Take a dessert spoon every day. Can be added to meals. For the winter, you can prepare syrup from the leaves.

The fruits of cultivated apple trees are very widely used as an excellent dietary and therapeutic agent. They contribute to the excretion of oxalic acid from the body and are recommended for its enhanced excretion in oxaluria.

For the treatment of acute colitis, sweet varieties of apples are used in raw pureed form. They are prescribed for anemia.

Baked apples are used as a good remedy for constipation. Preventing constipation, they promote the release of cholesterol, therefore, act as an anti-sclerotic agent.

They are used for obesity. Obese people are satisfied with the apple diet (1-2 days a week), eating 2-3 kg of fruit every day, such a diet gives good results.

It has been established that apples reduce the adverse effect of increased radiation on the body.

With anemia – due to the presence of easily digestible iron in them, 1 fetus per day is prescribed. After taking tea, you should not drink tea earlier than an hour later, since iron can combine with tannin in tea.

Apples are used for salt deposits, gout and urolithiasis. They increase the separation of bile and urine, therefore they are useful in certain diseases of the liver and as diuretics. It also relieves cough and promotes sputum production.

Apples can also be used as a source of vitamin C, but fresh apples are best consumed in the form of compote. The fact is that the pulp of apples is rich in copper-containing enzymes (ascorbin oxidase, polyphenol oxidase), which, when chewed, quickly oxidize vitamin C, by almost 50%, into an unstable dehydroform.

With short cooking, enzymes are destroyed faster than vitamin C, and thus more of it enters the body.

In folk medicine, apple decoction is used to improve digestion and alleviate coughs. Apples in any form (baked, raw) are considered a good remedy for constipation.

They are also recommended as a diuretic and uric acid excretion enhancer. Assign for gout, sclerosis, rheumatism and a tendency to stone formation. For this purpose, you can assign a tea made from 2-3 unpeeled apples, boiled for 15 minutes in 1 liter of water.

For the same purpose, dried apple peel powder is used – 1 tbsp. spoon to a glass of boiling water, even with severe kidney stones and bladder stones. There is evidence that the juice flowing out when roasting apples, taken orally, reduces severe gouty pains.

Outwardly, slices of apples are placed on the burnt places to reduce heat.

Antonovsky apples reduce warts. To do this, the wart is rubbed several times every day for 3-4 weeks with a fresh cut of an apple, after washing the skin.

Apples mashed with fat, used topically, heal cracked lips, nipples, and hands well.

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