Gluteal dermatitis

Gluteal dermatitis is an irritation of the skin on the buttocks. The reasons Infant skin lesions are caused either by an infection or an external irritant, and sometimes by both causes at once. Symptoms Redness, swelling, papules and microvesicles develop. Some of them open, forming weeping areas. Treatment The first thing to do is disinfection. For this, baths […]

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Raspberry – common raspberry

A half-bush is 1-2 (sometimes up to 3) m tall. Stems with thin spines; green, red or purple. The leaves are odd-pinnate, with 3-5 ovate leaflets. The flowers are white or greenish-white, forming tassel-like or shield-like inflorescences. The plant blooms in June, fruiting in July-August. The fruit is a red or yellow juicy drupe, or rather a set of drupes. Raspberries

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Palchatokorinnik meat-red – palchato korennik myaso-krasny

root meat-red   Perennial herbaceous plant of the cycad family (orchids). Tubers are compressed, two- and four-parted. The stem is hollow and simple, 20-60 cm tall. The leaves are light green, elongated-lanceolate or linear-lanceolate, with a dome-shaped blunt tip. The flowers are bisexual, irregular, six-parted, collected in a dense multi-flowered spike. Perianth leaves are purple or lilac-pink, oblong-ovate, obtuse. Lip –

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Prickly holly

Aquifoliaceae – Aquifoliaceae. Popular names: pandora, Swabian thorn, prickly oak. Pharmacy name: holly leaves – Ilicis aquifolii folium (formerly: Folia Ilicis aquifolii). Botanical description. Evergreen shrub or small tree 1-S m in height. The leaves are leathery, sharply serrated and prickly. The flowers are white or reddish, sitting in the axils of the leaves. Native to South China; in Germany grows in beech,

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Gostroleaf holly – Holly holly

The bush is a small tree of the homeland of the holly. Leaves of evergreen, shkiryast, simple, black, often-toothed; lower – with barbed teeth. Tickets of a small one-piece, zirani in umbellate shields in the axils of leaves; wreath is wheel-shaped, 4-pelyustkovy, white. Plid is a fleshy red kistyanka. Blossom at the red. Width. Wildly growing in Northern and Western Europe, Asia

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Parts Used: Leaves. Pharmacy name: eucalyptus leaves – Eucalypti folium (formerly: Folia Eucalypti), eucalyptus oil – Eucalypti aetheroleum (formerly: Oleum Eucalypti). Botanical description.The homeland of eucalyptus is southwestern Australia and Tasmania, however, it is currently found in plantings and far from these places: in the Mediterranean states, in tropical Asia and Africa, where it is used to

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