Gostroleaf holly – Holly holly

The bush is a small tree of the homeland of the holly. Leaves of evergreen, shkiryast, simple, black, often-toothed; lower – with barbed teeth. Tickets of a small one-piece, zirani in umbellate shields in the axils of leaves; wreath is wheel-shaped, 4-pelyustkovy, white. Plid is a fleshy red kistyanka. Blossom at the red.

Width. Wildly growing in Northern and Western Europe, Asia Minor and Transcaucasia. In Ukraine, it is cultivated in gardens and parks as a decorative plant.

Sirovina. For the preparation of vicarious leaves (Folia Aquifolii).

Roslin is unofficial .

Chemical warehouse . The leaflets can be used for glycoside, licin, ilexanthin, lexic acid and tannins.

Pharmacological power and victory . In folk medicine, the holly vicorist is used as a protigaryachkovy and sechoginny zasib, for colds, rheumatism and watery.

Medical forms and zastosuvannya . Internally – vіdvar (10 g of dry, trimmed leaves per 0.5 l of okrop, boil until half of the water is boiled) drink 1-2 bottles every day in equal portions.

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