What foods are bad for teeth?

The most dangerous foods for teeth will forever remain sugary drinks and candies. Various sodas, as well as energy drinks, can destroy teeth without the possibility of recovery. The rate of enamel destruction with prolonged use of such drinks, as well as lollipops, increases significantly and this affects the health of the teeth. If the teeth are destroyed or significantly damaged, then the entire digestive tract is automatically at risk.

Also on this list are foods high in acid and sugar. Scientists rank even orange juice among such products. Its use should either be greatly reduced or only freshly squeezed juices should be used, where there is no artificial sugar.

Coffee and black tea also added to this list of harmful products. According to the recommendations of experts, the use of these drinks should be reduced as much as possible.

Our food today is quite diverse, but in this large selection we can not always navigate correctly. Most of the products adversely affect our health, you should carefully read the composition of the product when buying it.

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