What to eat and how much to drink for men to always be in shape?

Everyone knows the popular saying: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” This statement has a scientific and medical basis. According to specialists in sexopathology, sexual desire and the ability to realize it are directly related to nutrition.

Since ancient times, folk medicine has used certain products to increase male potency. True, views on this were different. Among the Slavic peoples, priority was given to sexual stimulants of plant origin, and vegetables, which in their shape resembled male genitalia: carrots, beets, radishes, onions, celery.

Special miraculous properties were attributed to garlic. Yes, and modern medicine advises garlic: to improve digestion, as an anesthetic, sedative, to normalize urination, dilate the blood vessels of the heart and to stimulate the function of the sex glands.

In Western European culture, it was believed that raw chicken eggs had an effective effect on men, and in the East they used exotic food for this: the genitals of animals, dog meat, fresh blood of snakes … Soup is also considered an excellent aphrodisiac in Chinese erotic cuisine. “Bird’s Nest”, prepared from marine products rich in phosphorus: algae, fish caviar, sea swallow nests.

By the way, since the most “dark times” the use of fish has been associated with the ability to increase sexual activity. It was for this reason that the ancient Egyptians forbade the priests from eating fish. This idea has survived to our time. The benefits of seafood for improving sexual activity are evidenced by the studies of many modern foreign sexologists. They note that among peoples such as the Japanese and the Eskimos, whose diet is dominated by fatty sea fish, sexual disorders are rare.

From marine products to improve sexual function, fish, fish oil and marine mammal oil are recommended, and especially green seaweed spirulina, which, in addition to phosphorus, contains amino acids, vitamins and trace elements necessary for male strength. Rich in phosphorus and underground mushrooms – truffles. The famous French writer, lawyer and gastronome Anselm Brillat-Savarin wrote about this: “Truffles make women more amiable, and men more loving.”

But many medical authorities are of the opinion that in order to prevent sexual disorders, it is necessary to sharply reduce the consumption of fats, especially animals. This is argued by the fact that in the countries of the “third world”, where the diet is dominated by fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, there are almost no sexual problems and fertility problems. There are many centenarians living a full-fledged sexual life even at 100 or more years old.

Western nutritionists advise men to prepare the so-called “lecithin breakfast” in the morning. This is a specially selected set of food additives with zinc, potassium and magnesium. Zinc takes part in the synthesis of dihydroxytesterone (DHT), testosterone, the active enzyme of the male hormone. Zinc is believed to affect libido (sex drive), erection, and ejaculation, and is especially necessary for older men, as over the years the body loses the ability to absorb zinc from food. In addition, smoking, alcohol, coffee, various medications and infections reduce the zinc reserves accumulated in the body, resulting in a decrease in blood testosterone levels and a deterioration in sexual function.

Zinc deficiency can cause many serious problems for men. Among them: impotence, prostatitis and a significant reduction in the amount of sperm. And if zinc is not enough for a boy who has not yet reached puberty, the result may be insufficient development of the testicles and penis. Therefore, sexologists recommend that men take it daily at 15 mg per day in tablets. Increased zinc content – in meat, nuts, germinated wheat, raw eggs, liver. But most of all in seafood, especially oysters.

Sexual foods include beans, nuts and seeds, underground truffle mushrooms, seafood, chicken eggs, cowhide, calf and lamb liver, fruits, vegetables, and honey.

According to researchers, bread and brewer’s yeast, full-fat milk, chocolate, coffee, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, large doses of sugar and food coloring do not contribute to the sexual health of men. Foods that have been treated with chemicals to enhance their appeal and shelf life lose beneficial nutrients and adversely affect sexual health. True, the toxic effect occurs when such products are consumed in large doses. Among the undesirable for men are canned meat, bacon, sausages, sausages, smoked fish, sweet drinks with a high sugar content, canned fruit and chewing gum.

But after consuming 100 g “for courage” men feel lightness and pleasant excitement. Minor alcohol consumption is accompanied by an increase in sexual desire. Sexual arousal manifests itself even in not quite adequate situations. High-quality natural wines “Muscat”, “Sherry”, “Madera” give sharpness to sexual relations. Of course, you need to remember about the dose and individual reaction to the body, since excess alcohol can cause a backlash – lethargy, decreased libido and erection.

Therefore, moderation in alcohol, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are important for sexual health. These three factors help to increase the body’s defenses of a man, improving his physical and sexual capabilities.

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