Winter chores. Save the skin

Winter, as a rule, brings with it not only the New Year holidays, annual reports and another batch of promises to start a new life from January 1st. With it comes frost, cold wind and constant temperature changes – all that sometimes spoils our mood and makes our skin cry for help.


And no wonder: in trying to protect ourselves from the cold, we forget that warm synthetic sweaters and too hot bath water contribute to overdrying of the skin.

However, this problem can be dealt with. For example, turning to NIVEA’s professional lifeguard team for help: the new SOS series. They will not only provide maximum care, but also help the skin restore its natural balance.

So, SOS-recovery hand balm, thanks to the panthenol and calendula oil included in its composition, will instantly moisturize, soften the skin, help heal microcracks and give it the necessary care throughout the day. Revitalizing SOS body balm will create an invisible protective “shield”, help to avoid irritation and relieve discomfort in a matter of minutes.

But it is worth paying attention to the main feature of these rescue products: they include the unique Hydra-IQ formula, which was developed by NIVEA specialists. It is thanks to her that the new products of the SOS series will help prevent moisture loss and activate the internal resources of the skin. After all, this body has a unique property – the ability to self-heal. Under normal conditions, the skin is able to retain moisture, thanks to a natural “shield” of oil and moisture. But “aggravating” circumstances in the form of external unfavorable factors quickly weaken and destroy this protection. But now you know that this is not a problem – the most important thing is to hear the SOS signal from your own skin in time and decipher it correctly.

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