Dentistry for expectant mothers

Pregnancy is a completely natural physiological process. It should not have any negative effect on the body. However, due to various reasons, the condition of the teeth of the expectant mother during this period leaves much to be desired. Those who have never encountered dental problems may find themselves in a specialist’s office, as their teeth have become overly sensitive and even begin to crumble. This is a consequence of a violation of calcium metabolism, which accompanies any pregnancy. What other problems can a woman face during this period?
Hormonal changes in the body of a pregnant woman often cause gingivitis. This is a disease in which the gums become inflamed due to plaque remaining after eating. Gingivitis most often develops towards the end of the term and it is impossible to get rid of it even by careful observance of the rules of personal hygiene. If the expectant mother also has a bracket system, then they prescribe mandatory anti-inflammatory therapy and professional cleaning with gentle means. It should be remembered that untreated gingivitis leads to periodontal disease, periodontitis and can cause tooth loss.
Also during pregnancy, many women talk about bleeding gums. This is due to a lack of calcium, which is all spent on building the baby’s body and laying his own dentition.
During pregnancy, the “eights” can become inflamed, if you ask the query “pregnancy wisdom tooth removal price” in a search engine, then you will practically not find such a service. The fact is that for the removal of wisdom teeth, powerful anesthesia based on adrenaline is needed, which can adversely affect the condition of the fetus. Therefore, only very brave ladies go for removal during pregnancy, who are not afraid of pain, and they are ready to be content with less strong anesthetics.
What absolutely can not be done during pregnancy? The capital’s dental offices offer a wide range of dental services to young mothers, but neither Chertanovskaya dentistry nor dentistry at Kurtuzovsky recommend:
– teeth whitening;
– use arsenic;
– adrenaline anesthesia;
– to worry and be nervous.
To fulfill the last point, pregnant women should only go to a trusted, familiar doctor, whom the expectant mother fully trusts!

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