Oak maryannik (Melampyrum nemorosum L.)

Oak maryannik is an annual herbaceous plant from the norichnikov family (Scrophulariaceae) Other names: Ivan da Marya, scrofulous grass.


Fairly tall herbaceous annual plant with a thin, easily pulled out root. Flowers in a loose unilateral raceme, each flower is provided with a bract, painted in bright purple, more intense at the top; corolla two-lipped, yellow, with a reddish tube. Mariannik blooms all summer. Oak maryannik grows on forest pastures, along shrubs, hills and edges, forms thickets.

Contains active substances:

The grass and seeds of maryannik contain aukubin glycoside, dulcite and alkaloids.

Medicinal use:

An aqueous decoction of maryannika herb is drunk for diseases of the heart, stomach; baths for rheumatism; bathe babies with diathesis, eczema, skin tuberculosis.

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