Two-leaved mink (Majanthemum bifolium L.)

Two-leaved mink is a perennial herbaceous plant from the Liliaceae family (Liliaceae). Other names: Lily-of-the-valley two-leaved, upland, serpentine


A small perennial herbaceous plant with a thin and longish rhizome, from which above-ground shoots depart. The stem is straight, bearing in the upper part two, sometimes three heart-shaped, with a sharp apex, notched leaves at the base and an apical, cylindrical raceme of small, white, fragrant flowers on long pedicels. The fruit is a red berry. Maynik blooms from May to July. The two-leaved mink grows in dense coniferous, mixed and oak forests, mainly on dry soils, between shrubs.

Contains active substances:

The double leaf miner contains glycosides similar to digitalis glycosides.

Medicinal use:

An aqueous decoction of the double-leaved teapot is used as a heart remedy, for kidney diseases, colds, and high fever.

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