Pulmonary (Lobaria pulmonaria L.)

Pulmonary – Large lichen from the Stiktaceae family Other names: pemphigus, pulmonary lobaria


Thallus in the form of large leaf-like plates, grayish-brown or brown when dry and green when moistened, leathery, procumbent along the substact or hanging down, cut along the edge into short lobes. The surface of the thallus is covered with a network of folds, along the tops of which there are chains of spotted sorals or isidia. The folds limit the pits, which on the lower plane correspond to almost bare, dull, light tubercles. The underside of the thallus is vesicular-uneven, covered with thick brown felt (excluding tubercles). Apothecia are infrequent, sessile or short-stalked, with a red-brown disc and a thin thallus margin. Spores are colorless, two-celled (not often multicellular), ellipsoid. Lungwort grows on trunks and branches of coniferous and hardwoods, it is ubiquitous.

Contains active substances:

The lung contains mucus, tannins, lichen acid, bitter stictic acid.

Medicinal use:

An aqueous decoction of pulmonary or tincture of vodka is drunk for pulmonary tuberculosis.

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