Bone (Rubus saxatilis L.)

Boneberry is a herbaceous perennial from the Rosaceae family.


Perennial herbaceous plant with low stems and creeping non-flowering shoots. Leaves petiolate, trifoliate, leaflets crenate-toothed, covered with hard hairs. The flowers are white, 3-10 in a corymbose inflorescence; the fruit is a combined drupe of juicy bright red sour fruitlets, collected loosely by 2-6, the stone is large. Blossoms in May-June. Bone grows in forests and shrubs; occurs quite often.

Medicinal use:

A decoction of rhizomes with rhizomes is used to wash the head with dandruff and for hair growth, a decoction of branches and berries is used for blennorrhea.

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