Black mullein (Verbascum nigrum L.)

Black mullein is an annual herbaceous plant representing the family Norichnikovye (Scrophulariaceae) Other names: black royal scepter


Quite a large annual plant with a strong, erect, usually simple, often red-brown, leafy stem, up to 100 cm in height. The leaves are alternate, dark green, dense, unevenly rounded-toothed along the edge, almost bare above, fine gray-felt below. The lower leaves are oblong-ovate, sharp at the apex, heart-shaped at the base, on long petioles, rapidly decreasing in size up the stem, with shortened petioles. The flowers are bright yellow with a flat 5-lobed limb, collected in bunches at the top of the stem into a long sparse brush. It blooms in June to August. Black mullein is found on hills, slopes, meadows, glades and among shrubs.

Medicinal use:

An aqueous decoction of the whole prue plant for nervous disorders, epilepsy, diarrhea, black mullein flowers is brewed as tea and drunk for edema.

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