Hemp seed (Cannabis sativa L.)

Hemp is an annual plant from the hemp family (Cannabinaceae). Other names: hemp, hemp, hemp, hemp


A large dioecious cultivated herbaceous annual plant with a straight, not often branched stem, covered with alternate large leaves above, opposite large leaves below, palmately dissected into 5-7 lobes to the base; leaf lobes oblong-lanceolate, pointed at apex, cuneate at base, coarsely serrated along margin. Male specimens – “pokon” – are sprawling paniculate staminate inflorescences. The flowers of pistillate plants – “mothers”, crowded in the upper part of the stem, sit in the axils of the bracts. A plant with an unpleasant smell. The fruit is an ovoid nut. Flowering in July, fruiting in August.

Contains active substances:

Hemp fruits contain fatty oil, protein, resin, vitamin K, traces of alkaloids, steroidal saponins, hemp grass has an antibiotic effect.

Medicinal use:

Cannabis fruits are ground with water until an emulsion is formed and drunk with kidney diseases; make poultices from flowers (male and female), for bone fractures; products of dry distillation of fruits lubricate wounds; make baths from steamed hemp grass for rheumatism; leaf juice is used as a laxative; hemp oil with salt is taken from worms, a mature plant (male individuals) is wrapped around itself so that “kavtun comes upstairs”; nursing mothers drink an emulsion of seeds to increase milk, male flowers are applied from erysipelas.

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