Collybia broad-lamellar

Collybia broad-lamellar (Oudemansiella platyphylla Fr.)

Collibia broadleaf is a fungus from the Row family (Tricholomataceae). Other names: broad-plate money


Hat 5-10 cm, cushion-shaped, then flat-convex, sometimes with a tubercle in the center. The skin along the edge is fissured, fibrous, dark ash, with a brown or olive tint. The pulp is white. The plates are slightly adherent, then free, very wide and sparse, cracked along the edge, white. Leg 5-10 x 1-2 cm, even, longitudinally fibrous, at the base with elongated – not often up to several meters long – rhizomorphs. Spores are colorless, smooth, broadly ellipsoidal, 7-10 x 6-8 µ.

Medicinal use:

Studies have shown that collibia, like Zelenka mushroom, contains anticoagulant substances that prevent blood clotting.

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