Plane maple (Acer platanoides L.)

Sycamore maple – Sycamore maple Acer platanoides L. Other names: Norway maple


Tree 20-25 m in height; with dark bark; leaves are large; 3-7 palmate-lobed, on petioles, notched-toothed along the edge; flowers are greenish-yellow in racemes; the fruit is a double lionfish, splitting into 2 fruitlets. Blossoms in May, bears fruit in September. Plane maple is found in mixed forests, most often in the undergrowth. It is bred as an ornamental tree.

Contains active substances:

The leaves and bark of the maple tree contain tannins, rubber, and alkaloids.

Medicinal use:

A decoction of maple leaves is drunk after childbirth, so that a child’s place comes out, steamed leaves are applied to boils.

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