Plowed clover (Trifolium arvense L.)

Plowed clover is a herbaceous annual from the Moth family (Papilionaceae). Other names: fur seals, hare clover, cat clover, mouse clover


Annual clover, distinguished from other species by its smaller size and pale pink flowers; corolla shorter than calyx; the fruit is a single-seeded bean, broadly ovoid. Blossoms in May-June. Plowed clover grows in upland meadows, fallow fields as a weed.

Contains active substances:

Plowed clover grass contains essential oil, tannins, resin (has a bactericidal effect), flavone glycoside trifolin, aglucone quercetin, vitamin E, traces of alkaloids.

Medicinal use:

Plowed clover grass is brewed as tea and drunk with diarrhea, increased acidity of the stomach, diseases of the bladder, kidneys, headaches, coughs, nervous disorders, migraines; when frightened, they give water, bathe and fumigate the kids with smoke; alcohol tincture is drunk with pulmonary tuberculosis, from bloody diarrhea; babies are bathed from convulsions. The plant is officially in homeopathy.

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