Creeping clover (Trifolium repens L.)

Creeping clover is a herbaceous perennial from the Moth family (Papilionaceae). Other names: white clover


Perennial creeping plant with branched shoots rooting at the nodes; leaves trifoliate, glabrous with obovate thin leaflets; flowers in capitate inflorescences, looser than those of mountain clover; corolla white or pinkish, turning brown after flowering, calyx glabrous; the fruit is a bean with 3-4 seeds. It blooms all summer. Creeping clover is found everywhere in meadows, wastelands, forest glades, near housing, roads and other grassy places.

Contains active substances:

Creeping clover grass contains tannins, xanthine, vitamin A, alkaloids, vitamin E, carotene.

Medicinal use:

Brewed creeping clover grass is drunk as tea for various female diseases, baths are taken for tumors, cough, leucorrhoea, rheumatism, epilepsy, uterine bleeding.

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