Mountain clover (Trifolium montanum L.)

Mountain clover is a herbaceous perennial from the Moth family (Papilionaceae). Other names: Amoria mountain


Perennial with a thick woody root that goes deep into the soil; basal leaves on long petioles, the rest on short petioles; stem erect, silky-pubescent up to 60 cm in height; All leaves are trifoliate, with hard lanceolate-elliptical leaves, fluffy below. Flowers in large numbers are collected in dense ovoid heads, sitting in the axils of subulate bracts on very short pedicels; corolla white, calyx hairy; the fruit is a bean with 2 seeds. Blossoms in June-July. Mountain clover grows on upland meadows, on slopes, on sandy coastal cliffs, along roads.

Medicinal use:

The inflorescence of mountain clover is brewed like tea and drunk with whites, babies are given water and smoked when frightened, they drink and take baths with hemorrhoids.

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