Melissa leaf censer (Melittis melissophyllum L.)

Melissa-leaved censer is a rough-haired perennial from the Lamiaceae family (Labiatae).


A fragrant plant with a straight, pubescent stem, 20-50, sometimes up to 80 cm in height. The leaves are large, up to 9 cm long, ovate or broadly oval with an acute apex and a short-wedge-shaped base, sparsely pubescent, on petioles. The flowers are large, 3-4 cm long, white, with a pinkish upper middle lobe of the lower lip, several in the axils of the upper leaves, all facing the same direction. Blossoms in May-June. Melissa-leaved censer grows in mixed forests.

Contains active substances:

The censer contains coumarin, flavonoids, essential oil 0.02%.

Medicinal use:

Tincture of vodka from the herb melissa leaf is drunk with a stomach ulcer, duodenal ulcer, with various pains in the stomach, abdomen (often honey is added); for pulmonary tuberculosis (honey, butter or pork fat are also often added), colds, diseases of the liver, heart, women’s diseases, erysipelatous wounds, ulcers are poured; from white.

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