Ivan-tea narrow-leaved

Ivan-tea narrow-leaved (Chamaenerion angustifolium L.)

Ivan-tea narrow-leaved is a perennial plant of the onagric or fireweed family (Onagraceae). Other names: Koporsky tea, fireweed, down jacket


Tall (up to 120 cm) perennial herbaceous plant with an erect, densely leafy stem. The leaves are alternate, entire, lanceolate, pointed upwards, with glandular teeth along the edge, dark green above, bluish-green below with sharply protruding veins. The flowers are quite large, purple-pink with a longish nail, on pedicels, collected in a loose brush. The fruit is an elongated, slightly bent bare box. Seeds with tufts. It blooms from June to September. Ivan-tea grows on the edges of forests, along embankments, clearings, burnt areas, where it forms continuous thickets; common throughout the country.

Contains active substances:

Ivan-tea herb contains tanides, mucus, sugar, an unstudied alkaloid, vitamin C.

Medicinal use:

Blooming willow-herb, steamed in ovens, is applied in the form of poultices to a sore spot. Used for inflammation of the ear, throat, nose.

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