Umbrella winter love (Chimaphila umbellata L.)

Zimolubka umbrella is a perennial herbaceous plant from the wintergreen family. Other names: fever herb, stomach herb, wood lice, field star, chicken star, bird star


Perennial with creeping rhizome and erect stem up to 20 cm in height; leaves are leathery, dark green, shiny, oblong-obverse-wedge-shaped, wintering; flowers in a small amount are collected in an umbrella-shaped inflorescence, five-membered, pink; the fruit is a spherical capsule. Blossoms in July – August. Winter-loving umbrella grows in pine forests.

Contains active substances:

The herb winter-loving umbrella contains arbutin, bitter substances, tinides, resin, methyl ester of salicylic acid.

Medicinal use:

More often they drink an aqueous decoction of the herb winter-loving umbrella, less often tincture of vodka for diseases caused by weight lifting, after childbirth, from bloody urine. Used in homeopathy.

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