hare cabbage

Hare cabbage (Sedum telephium L.)

Hare cabbage is a perennial herbaceous plant from the Crassulaceae family. Other names: Stonecrop purple, sedum, sedum


Perennial roots, thickened in the form of tubers; stems up to 70 cm tall, densely leafy; leaves are fleshy, opposite, glabrous, with a bluish bloom; flowers in dense corymbose-paniculate inflorescences, yellowish-green or pink petals, 5 in number, 10 stamens; fruit – team leaflet. Blooms in July-August. Hare cabbage grows on sandy soils, in pine forests, on shrubs, sometimes as a weed.

Medicinal use:

Tincture of hare cabbage grass on vodka is drunk with pulmonary tuberculosis; raw grass or water decoction is used as a diuretic; crushed fresh leaves are applied to cuts, all kinds of wounds, hemorrhoidal bumps.

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