Gall mushroom (Tylopilus felleus Fr.)

Gall fungus is an inedible tubular fungus of the genus Tylopilus (Tylopilus) of the Boletaceae family. Other names: bitter, false white mushroom, bitter


Hat 3-8 cm, round-cushioned, smooth dry brownish. The flesh is white, soft, turns slightly pink at the break, very bitter. Tubules adnate or notched, white, dirty pinkish with age, with rounded pores. Leg 4-6 x 1.4-1.9 cm, tuberous or cylindrical, solid, smooth, cream-buff, with a brown-brown mesh pattern. Spores 12-14 x 4-5 μ, uneven-fusiform, smooth, light brownish-pinkish. Bile fungus grows in coniferous forests in June – September.

Medicinal use:

Studies have shown that specific substances that give a bitter taste to gall fungus improve liver function. It is likely that this mushroom will find its use in the treatment of various liver diseases.

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