Jaundice levkoy

Yellow jaundice (Erysimum cheiranthoides L.)

Jaundice levkoin is an annual herbaceous plant from the Cruciferous family (Cruciferae). Other names: jaundice lakfiolevy


Fairly tall (30-100 cm) annual herbaceous plant with erect, furrowed stem covered with appressed hairs. Leaves oblong-lanceolate, narrowed at the apex and base, rough, lower ones petiolate, upper ones sessile. The flowers are small, four-dimensional, with 6 stamens, bright yellow, in simple racemes, very elongated with fruits. The fruit is a tetrahedral, slightly compressed pod with clearly visible longitudinal ribs, directed obliquely upwards, on thin, half the length of the pod, horizontally deflected stalks. Blossoms all summer. The levkoy zheltushnik grows in dry meadows, fields, along the edges of forests and in glades, in crops, in garbage places.


For medicinal purposes, the herb levkoin jaundice – Herba Erysimi cheiranthoidis is used. Raw materials are harvested all summer during the flowering period. Cut off only the upper leafy parts of the stems 30 cm long. Dry in the open air in the shade or in dryers.

Contains active substances:

The herb contains cardiac glycosides with significant physiological activity (330 frog action units per 1 g of raw material).

Medicinal use:

For use in medical practice, the product “Korezid” is allowed, representing the amount of glycosides from the icterus levkoin. 

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