Gray blackberry (Rubus caesius L.)

The gray blackberry is a shrub plant from the Rosaceae family.


Shrub with lying or ascending branches, covered with a bluish bloom, thorns and bristles; leaves trifoliate or quintuple on spiny petioles. Flowers up to 2 cm in diameter, in a sparse corymbose brush, with a felt cup and white petals, the fruits are fleshy, juicy, sweet, fused into a complex drupe, black, covered with a bluish bloom. Blossoms in June-July. Blackberry grows along the banks of rivers, among shrubs.

Contains active substances:

Blackberries contain sugars, organic acids, vitamin E.

Medicinal use:

A decoction of blackberry branches is drunk for flu, nervous disorders, shortness of breath; a decoction of branches and roots is drunk and gargled with a sore throat; eat berries for pain in the stomach; a decoction of flowers and leaves is drunk against diarrhea.

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