Sandman white (Melandrium album L.)

Sandman white is an annual or biennial plant representing the Clove family (Caryophyllaceae). Other names: white root


Annual or biennial with a straight, branched, softly hairy stem up to 1 m tall, covered with elongated-oval, pointed leaves, 4-5 cm long. The upper leaves are sessile, the lower ones are on petioles. The flowers are white, in apical loose inflorescence; their calyx is pubescent, glandular-adhesive, 1.5-2.5 cm long, in staminate flowers it is tubular-bell-shaped, in pistillate (on another plant) it is broadly ovate. It blooms in June-August. White drowsiness grows in meadows, in vegetable gardens and orchards, in crops, near ditches, along roads. Occurs very often.

Contains active substances:

The roots of white doze contain saponins.

Medicinal use:

Water decoction of white doze is drunk with palpitations, articular rheumatism and kidney diseases.

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