White sweet clover (Melilotus albus L.)

White sweet clover – Bi- or annual herbaceous plant from the Moth family (Papilionaceae). Other names: white burkun


Bi- or annual herbaceous plant with a strong, ridged stem at the top, over 1 m in height; leaves trifoliate, middle leaflet on petiole, leaflets obovate or cuneate, unequally toothed, stipules subulate. The flowers are white, very small, collected 40-80 in narrow racemes, greatly elongating with fruits; fruits – ovoid beans with 1-2 seeds. Blooms from June to September. White sweet clover grows in dry places, along railway lines, in wastelands. Occurs frequently.

Contains active substances:

White sweet clover herb contains coumarin, molylic acid.

Medicinal use:

A decoction of white sweet clover grass is drunk with whites, small babies are bathed with myasitis, when frightened, babies are fumigated with smoke.

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