British elecampane (Inula britannica L.)

British elecampane is a biennial herbaceous plant from the Compositae family.


Biennial herbaceous plant with single erect stems 40-50 cm high, covered with soft hairs and seated with hairy elliptical, linear leaves at the top. Baskets 3-5 cm wide with longish yellow reed flowers along the edge and tubular flowers in the middle. Achenes are cylindrical, hairy, with a tuft. Blossoms in June-September. Grows in water meadows, along river banks, damp shrubs. It is often found in the south of Belarus.

Contains active substances:

Flowers contain flavonoids, seeds – traces of alkaloids, contains a small amount of tannins.

Medicinal use:

A decoction of the whole plant is drunk with general weakness, grass powder is used as a wound healing (wounds are sprinkled), the places affected by weeping lichen are sprinkled.

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