Medicinal walker (Sisymbrium officinale L.)

Medicinal gulyavnik is an annual plant from the Cruciferous family (Gruciferae). Other names: sophia gulyavik, descuraynia


Hard-rough, annual plant, covered with small dense hairs; thin root, stem 10-90 cm in height, erect with splayed branches; leaves are strugovidny, with unevenly toothed lobes; flowers are small, pale yellow, in narrow spiky racemes; fruits – pods, within 1 cm of length, subulate at the top, pressed against the stem or branch; seeds are reddish, small tuberculate. Blooms in June-July. Grows gulyavnik officinalis as a weed in the fields and gardens.

Medicinal use:

The whole plant is brewed and drunk for dysentery, applied to wormy wounds. Medicinal goulyavnik is used in homeopathy.

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