Bitter (Lactarius rufus Fr.)

Bitter is a mushroom representative of the Russula family (Russulaceae). Other names: bitter mushroom, bitter


Cap 3-8 cm, convex when young, funnel-shaped when mature, with prominent central papilla, reddish brown. The flesh is pale yellow, with very abundant, pungent, pungent white milky juice. The plates adhering to the stem or descending along it are yellowish-ocher, somewhat darkening towards maturity. The stem is cylindrical, slightly lighter than the cap. Spores are colorless, broadly ellipsoidal, warty. Grows in various forest plantations, in June – October. Distributed everywhere.

Medicinal use:

The antibiotic substance of this fungus has a negative effect on a number of bacteria, inhibiting the growth of St. aureus, Escherichia coli, Bacilis subtilis, etc. The activity of the active principle of bittersweet depends on the age of the fungus, it also decreases on the storage time of the extract and when heated. However, the therapeutic effect of the antibiotic from Gorkushka requires further testing.

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