Cuckoo Adonis (Coronaria flos-cuculi L.)

Adonis cuckoo is a perennial plant from the Caryophyllaceae family. Other names: cuckoo color


Perennial with a straight, branched stem at the top, 30-90 cm in height. The leaves are narrow-lanceolate, sessile, the lower ones are more contiguous, oblong-spatulate. The inflorescence is a rare pyramidal or corymbose panicle with opposite branches. The flowers are medium-sized, with a bell-shaped calyx less than 1 cm long, covered with reddish-brown veins. Petals are pink-red, delicate, deeply divided into 4 narrow, sharp lobes. The cuckoo adonis blooms in June-July. It grows in flood and upland meadows, along the outskirts of marshes, in shrubs. Adonis cuckoo Widespread.

Contains active substances:

Saponins and traces of alkaloids were found in the grass.

Medicinal use:

Grass is brewed like tea and drunk with childlessness.

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