Large-leaved gentian (Gentiana macrophylla Pallas L.)

Gentian large-leaved is a perennial plant from the Gentianaceae family (Gentianaceae Juss). Other names: Cossack-grass


A perennial herbaceous plant with a thick rhizome and a rosette of large basal leaves. The flowers of the large-leaved gentian are dark blue, collected in whorls, sitting on the top of the stem and axils of the upper leaves. It blooms from mid-June to mid-August. Large-leaved gentian is common in the southern half of the forest zone and the mountain-forest belt, in sparse forests, on the edges of Western and Eastern Siberia, and in the Far East

Medicinal use:

The aerial part of large-leaved gentian is used in Russian folk medicine, in Tibetan medicine as part of medicines for diseases of the upper respiratory tract, transit and laryngitis, fresh leaves are applied to abscesses and cuts.

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