Rough knotweed (Persicaria scabra L.)

Highlander rough – an annual plant is very similar to the knotweed. Other names: sorrel buckwheat, hemorrhoid grass


The mountaineer rough is similar to the knotweed, and they almost always grow together, only the leaves of the mountaineer rough are elliptical to linear-lanceolate in shape. The flowers are also white or pink, sometimes greenish. Both have the same thick spike-shaped inflorescence, etc. See Highlander kidney.

Medicinal use:

For therapeutic purposes, the grass of the mountaineer rough is used. In official medicine, the mountaineer rough is known as a diuretic. In folk medicine, it is used for hemorrhoids (hence the name – hemorrhoid grass), constipation. It is also a diuretic. In the people it is also used for scrofula.

Application of mountaineer rough:

Decoction: 20 g per 200 ml; 1 st. spoon three times every day. Extract: 20.0; 30-40 drops three times every day.

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