Forest geranium (Geranium silvaticum L.)

Forest geranium is a perennial herbaceous plant of the geranium family (Geraniaceae) Other names: crail, pins, rake.


Perennial plant with erect, pubescent, ribbed, up to 30-80 cm tall stem; basal leaves on long petioles, deeply 5-7 pinnatipartite, upper 3-partite and sessile; stipules are red-brown, lanceolate. The flowers are large, lilac-purple or purple, widely open, 2 on the peduncle; the fruit is shaped like a bird’s beak. Forest geranium blooms in June – early July. Geranium grows in shady forests and among shrubs

Contains active substances:

Forest geranium grass contains tannins, alkaloids in the flowering phase.

Medicinal use:

Water decoctions of herb forest geranium are used. They drink a decoction for pulmonary bleeding, rinse the mouth with a disease of its mucous membrane, with tonsillitis, wash festering wounds, drink alcoholic tincture of forest geranium drop by drop for pain in the heart.

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