Spiked crow (Actaea spicata L.)

Voronets spiky – A perennial tall herbaceous plant with woody branched stems.


Perennial tall herbaceous plant with woody branching stems. Leaves trifoliate with double or triple pinnate lobes; leaflets in later order ovate, incised-toothed, pointed. The flowers of the raven spiky are small, white, collected in apical brushes (for the most part there are two brushes). The fruit is a black multi-seeded berry. Voronets blooms in May-June. Grows in shady deciduous forests.

Contains active substances:

The herb of the spiked crow contains alkaloids, the fruits and roots contain saponins, transaconitic acid.

Medicinal use:

A decoction of the spiky crow is drunk for stomach and mental illnesses. Used in homeopathy.

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