Conical fiber (Inocybe fastigiata)

Conical fiber is a genus of fungi of the Cobweb (Cortinariaceae) family (lat. Cortinariaceae). It got its name from the fibrous stem.


Cap 3-6 cm, conical-bell-shaped, with a tubercle, sometimes covered with radial cracks, lobed along the edge. The skin is radially fibrous, not often weak, scaly, dirty yellow-brown. The pulp is white. The plates are notched, yellowish-brown, with an olive tint. The leg is cylindrical, sometimes with an extension at the end, longitudinally fibrous, white, turning brown towards maturity. Spores are brown, granular, smooth 7-10 x 4-5 μ. Grows in grassy places, near roads, in autumn. It is not found often in Belarus.

Medicinal use:

Fiber cone contains substances that can be used in the treatment of eczema.

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