Wolfberry (Daphne mezereum L.)

Common wolfberry – A shrub from the wolf family (Thymelaeaceae). Other names: Wolf’s bast, Daphne


Low shrub with yellow-gray wrinkled bark. Leaves oblong-lanceolate, obtuse, green above, glaucous below, wedge-shaped narrowed at the base into a short petiole, alternate, crowded at the ends of the branches. The flowers of the wolfberry are pink, sessile. fragrant, with a nail-shaped corolla, arranged in bunches in the axils of last year’s leaves and blooming in early spring before the leaves appear, the fruits are oval drupes, bright red. It blooms in April-early May. The common wolfberry grows in spruce, spruce-broad-leaved forests and suborya, quite often.

Contains active substances:

Flowers contain up to 22% coumarins; the bark contains the glycoside daphnin, meserein resin, dye, wax, and gum.

Medicinal use:

An infusion of vodka of the flowering branches of the wolfberry is used as a rub for rheumatism.

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